As a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality industrial air moving equipment, Aerovent sets the industry standard. Our broad range of technologies and expertise allow us to provide the most innovative and efficient air moving and ventilation products on the market. Since 1932, we have been supplying fans to industries as well as small and medium sized companies that demand high quality products with a wide range of features. Our products include:

  • Air Make-Up Units
  • Axial Fans
  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Inline Centrifugal & Mixed Flow Fans
  • Fiberglass Fans
  • Filtered Supply Fans
  • Mancoolers
  • OEM Products
  • Plug & Plenum Fans
  • Pressure Blowers
  • Radial Blade Fans
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Wall Mount Fans
  • GridSmart VRDs


Since 1955, Detroit Radiant Products Company has set the standard for high-quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient infrared heaters. From our award-winning engineered vacuum systems to our patented, two-stage line of heaters, you’ll find a product that ideally suits your needs. Re-Verber-Ray® low-intensity heaters are a little- to no-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for heating a wide variety of areas. Our products include:


  • Low Intensity Tube Heaters
  • High Intensity Heaters
  • Patio Heaters
  • Unit Heaters
  • Portable Heaters
  • Electric Heaters
  • LED Lighting
  • Process Burners


Soler & Palau

S&P USA Ventilation Systems, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is part of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group, the world’s leading fan manufacturer for over 70 years.  S&P USA’s ventilation products range from innovative, quiet, and reliable residential fans to large, high-capacity exhaust systems for commercial applications.  Our products include:

  • Centrifugal Roof & Wall Fans
  • Tubeaxial Fans
  • Roof Propeller Fans
  • Sidewall Propeller Fans
  • Ceiling & Cabinet Fans
  • Gravity Vents
  • In-line & Sidewall Duct Fans
  • Utility Vent Sets
  • Centrifugal Filtered Supply Fans
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • High Volume Low Speed Fans
  • Jet Fans
  • Kitchen Hoods

Skyblade Fan Co.

SkyBlade Fans was established in 2010, with the concept to use large fans to deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems. Through extensive research and development, and by utilizing leading-edge Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) technology, the SkyBlade Fans team developed an airfoil design that moves more air with less energy consumption.

With energy efficiency in mind, SkyBlade Fans reduce the need for heating by redistributing warmer air and reduce or replace the need for air conditioning systems by increasing air velocity and creating an evaporative effect on the skin.

SkyBlade Fans High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans are specially designed to move more air at lower operating speeds. They don’t just look cool, they deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing their run time, cycles and improving overall occupant comfort and morale.


  • HVLS Fans
  • Portable Evaporative Coolers


CaptiveAire® is the nation’s leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems, and now provides a complete solution of fans, heaters, ductwork, and HVAC equipment. For over 40 years, we’ve led the industry with innovative technologies, unmatched service, competitive pricing, and rapid lead times.  Our products include:

  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Roof & Wall Axial Fans
  • Ceiling & Inline Fans
  • Centrifugal Down-Blast Fans
  • Centrifugal Up-Blast Fans
  • Gravity Vents
  • Utility Sets
  • High Volume Low Speed Fans
  • Rooftop Units
  • Make-Up Air Units

Acme Manufacturing

Acme’s rugged and dependable products are designed for harsh rooftop conditions. They feature welded construction with heavy gauge material and are field proven in thousands of installations.  Our products include:

  • Roof Curbs
  • Curb Support
  • Curb Extensions
  • Vented Curb Extensions
  • Curb Covers
  • Gravity Ventilators
  • Louvered Penthouses
  • Wall Louvers
  • Roof Caps
  • Dampers

Louvers & Dampers

Louvers & Dampers makes top-quality, industry leading HVAC solutions. We carry AMCA-certified products and UL-classified Life Safety products. Our products include:

  • Acoustical Louvers
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Combination Louvers
  • Aluminum Control Dampers
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Brick Vents
  • Ceiling Radiation Dampers
  • Duct Access Doors
  • Fire Dampers
  • Fire/Smoke Dampers

United Enertech

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United Enertech designs, develops, and manufactures mechanical and architectural air movement and control products, primarily for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets. Our products include:

  • Fixed louvers
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Combination Louvers
  • Wind-Driven Rain Louvers
  • Hurricane Louvers
  • Acoustical Louvers
  • Blast Louvers
  • Brick & Flood Vents
  • Control Dampers
  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Fire Dampers
  • Smoke Dampers
  • Fire/Smoke Dampers
  • Roof Curbs & Rails
  • Roof & Wall Vents
  • Duct Accessories


Donaldson Torit® has a wide variety of dust collectors ranging from small bin vents to large baghouse collectors and offers manufacturers the most advanced and dependable dust collectors and filters available.  Our products include:

  • PowerCore Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Baghouse Duct Collectors
  • Mist Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
  • Collector Accessories


Nordfab Ducting is quickly replacing spiral duct as the new standard for industrial round duct applications. Nordfab ducting parts are reusable, adaptable to an existing system, installs in half the time as conventional ducting, clamps together in seconds, and can handle wet/oil mist and abrasive applications.  Our duct products include:

  • Standard Guage Pipe
  • Pipe Clamps & Flanges
  • Elbows
  • Branches
  • Reducers & Transitions
  • Hoses
  • Adapters
  • Dampers
  • Valves
  • Blast Gates
  • Sweeps
  • Hoods
  • Spark Traps
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Explosion Isolation Valves
  • High Speed Abort Gates
  • Fume Extraction Arms


Founded in 1923, Aerofin is a leading manufacturer of spiral fin and plate fin heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment, such as process gas coolers/heaters, transformer oil coolers, fin-fan units, integral face and bypass coils, frames for coil removal capabilities, and airside transitions.  Our products include:

  • Water Coils
  • Steam Coils
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Aeromix Coils
  • Nuclear Coils
  • Integral Reheat Loop Coils
  • Split-Fit Coils
  • Transition Units
  • Air Coolers
  • Spray Guards

SET Duct Manufacturer

SET Duct Manufacturing was started in March 2010.  WE are an industry-leading provider of steel and steel processing services.  Our products include:

  • Round Spiral Duct Work
  • Flat Oval Duct Work
  • Manifolding
  • Steel Coils
  • Flat Sheet Metal

Engwald Cordoration

We are a manufacturer and custom manufacturer/designer of exhaust eliminating systems and gas detection systems.  Our products include:


  • Exhaust Eliminating Systems
  • Automobile Exhaust Extraction Systems
  • Industrial Exhaust Systems
  • Blowers
  • Ventilating Blowers
  • Exhaust Blowers
  • Welding Booths
  • Counterbalanced Fume Exhausters
  • Portable Fume Exhausters
  • Stationary Exhausters